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DivasWithADream.com - A centralized training website from Sherry Weaver and for her fabulous downline to learn their business, grow their business and share their business. Interactive, always changing and your source for what you need to know, anytime you want to log on! 


Dedicated Diva Academy - A monthly call and video presentation that takes you through the basics of your business and gives you a solid education on just what your Passion Parties business can do for you. Combining video and telephone, you can "SEE" what you are learning here and interact with the presenter in a very unique way.


SAIL Program for Leadership - This cruise into management is by invitation only and helps guide leaders into better navigation of all their leadership and management skills, with personal help an...d guidance from The Dream Team, with Sherry Weaver as the programs captain! Set SAIL for adventure and prosperity with your Passion Parties business on the SAIL Program for Leadership.


The Dream Team - Founded by Sherry Weaver, this is a group of leaders in Passion Parties who create fun and excitement for their teams, help others realize their dreams and share the ideas with other consultants on a regular basis. By invitation only, this team works together to bring you MORE for your business.


The "A" Team - This team of incredible leaders led by Sherry Weaver, conducts weekly brainstorming sessions and is truly a MASTERMIND group. Taking information, feedback and ideas to a very large group of consultants, this exclusive team is who you call to get the job done! Membership in "The A-Team" is by invitation only.

Training Events:

Since everyone learns differently, we have lots of different styles of training for you to choose from.  Please refer to corporate website to take advantage of all their calls and training events.  Below you will find our team training events & schedules.

Remember that our biggest training event every year is Convention in Las Vegas! Are you going to GET YOUR PARTY STARTED?


Take A Look Tuesday

Use this live weekly call for anyone you have that is interested in the business.  It is done by a different leader every week & can help you get new consultants.

Call 712-775-7170 Access Code 1046161

5 pm PST

6 pm MST

7 pm CST

8 pm EST



Winning Wednesday


Weekly Call with Sherry

Call 712-432-3066 Access Code 999489

Time: watch your email!


Watch your email for alerts to this AMAZING coaching call each week!


This call will help you and everyone on your team build your business with current hot topics that are discussed and shared.  Listen or participate!


Weekly Webinar Computer Training


Watch for times and invitations in your email from Instant Presenter & Sherry Weaver to take advantage of some excellent training.


Team training email invitations will be sent for these special events where you will have live online interaction in various areas of training from the basics to beyond!


Watch your email, then REGISTER by email and then simply log in from your computer!  You do not need a webcam for this.



Live & in person

Time:  6:30 pm

Tupelo MS

Comfort Inn & Suites

EVERY 2nd Monday in every other month for the rest of 2012!

Monthly live training local:

  • Mechanicsburg, PA with Priscilla Houliston on the last Wednesday of each month from 6 pm to 9 pm est. 8/29/12, 9/26/12, 10/31/12, 11/28/12, 12/26/12


Online Powerpoints are great tools you can use to teach your new team members various wonderful things!  

Tip:  These are great for people who are not close enough for "in person" training!  Call your team member on the phone, both of you can be at the computer and introduce them to our training website, DivasWithADream.com, then walk them through the Powerpoints that will be listed below.

Be sure to join us every March in Las Vegas for CONVENTION!  Our incredible training event that will change your life.

Great tip: Save all your $5 bills from your parties for Las Vegas!  You need to go every year, it's amazing!


Are you spending time EVERY day training for your business?


 Directory 2012

Group Calls/Training by invitation only

  •  The Dream Team
  • The A-Team
  • The MDOT Programs
  • SAIL Leadership Course


Call & Webinar DIRECTORY open to all consultants

  • Take a LOOK Tuesday
  • Winning Wednesday
  • Dedicated Diva Academy
  • New Consultant Orientation Call
  • Meetings
  • Local "Buzz Night"
  • "WOW Events


Put training on your calendar every week for the best results.



Call in & listen!

Dial-in Number: 

(712) 775-7170

Dial and then enter your access code to enter the call.

Playback Number:  (641) 715-3501 Dial and then enter the access code for the call you want to review.

Step 1 Booking and Deadlines

Access Code: 1091528#

Step 2 Hostess Program and Coaching

Access Code: 198115#

Step 3 Prepare for the Party

Access Code: 951176#

Step 4 Big Mac and Sponsoring Access Code: 760529#

Press *6 to mute or un-mute 



" Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." - Emile Coue